Sony MDR – XB80BS Review

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Sony, one of the most well-known brand out of Japan that has been seen in many electronic products. One of them is the Audio Department, where its Walkman becomes a historic invention in changing our way to listen to music. Then, of course, Sony begins to manufacture its own line of headphones & earphones. Sony MDR – XB80BS is one of the products that have come out in recent years which targets athletes and Bass lovers. With it being a Bluetooth earphone and costing around £80++ (or lesser depending on your source), we are here to find out if it is truly worth the cost, especially when a wired earphone can be had at a much cheaper price.

Creative iRoar Go Review

iRoar Go Review post image

It’s portable; it’s small, and it sounds WIDE. In fact, Creative advertises it SUPER WIDE right on the packaging. Knowing that Creative has been a veteran in the audio technology business for decades, does it really ring true? Can the iRoar Go be your perfect everyday speaker on-the-go? Read the review to find out! For Video … Read more

UE Boom 2 VS Creative Iroar Go Video Review

UE Boom 2 vs Creative iRoar Go Review post image

Creative iRoar Go is the latest portable speakers from a reputable audio-focused company: Creative. It has just been released 2 months ago and we pit it out against the famous UE Boom 2 from Ultimate Ears to see if it is worth its asking price! We will be comparing 2 songs side by side for … Read more

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