Double King Short Film Review (2017) – Weird Gore Animation

(This is Double King short film review, which is a 2017 weird animated short film that is part of the Staff pick in Vimeo) Double King is a short animated film by Felix Colgrave, an animator who is currently based in Australia. He is known for his weird art style and ‘Double King’ has garnered over 20k views … Read more

Afternoon Class Short Film Review (2014) – Tale of Napping

Afternoon Class short film review post image controller companies

(This is Afternoon Class short film review, which is a 2014 Korean animated short film that was released in Vimeo as part of its Staff Pick) Afternoon Class is a short animated film created by Seoro Oh, a Korean freelance illustrator and also a Film Maker. The clip was released on Vimeo and had since … Read more

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