Steins;Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu Film Review (2013) – Kurisu’s Steins Gate

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Steins Gate is one of the best anime series that I have watched so far, right from the original 2011 series up to the latest Steins Gate Zero. It’s been one hell of emotional roller coaster ride, and now Steins;Gate: The Movie tries to serve as the deserved ending to this great anime series based on time traveling.

Avengers: Endgame Film Review (2019) – A Cycle Ends

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So much to say; and so much to take. Endgame is possibly one of the biggest films to date in the current era that has almost half of the world expecting it since a year ago. It all began with Iron Man(technically The Incredible Hulk, but let’s just ignore that). And a decade later, we have 22 films that make up the Avengers roster.

The Butterfly Effect Film Review (2004) – Time Travel Mystery

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(This is The Butterfly Effect film review, which is a 2004 supernatural time-traveling drama that features Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart) This film is released way back in 2004 and features Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart, with the former getting more fame as the year went on. It is directed by Eric Bress and J … Read more

Donnie Darko Film Review (2001) – Creepy Bunny Gyllenhaal

(This is the Donnie Darko film review, which is a cult science fiction film released in 2001) Most, if not all, time travel stories are about saving the world. This film is no difference either, but it isn’t your typical time machine traveling. Every time travelers are accompanied by a mad scientist sidekick, but here … Read more

Predestination Film Review (2014) – Australian Mindfck Paradox

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(This is the Predestination film review, which is an Australian science fiction movie released in 2014 that is based on a short story titled ‘All you Zombies’) . The mother of all time traveler stories, as described by Professor Michio Kaku in one of his speech. If you’re familiar with the professor of theoretical physics, … Read more

Honnouji Hotel Film Review [本能寺ホテル] (2017) – Obunaga x Timetravel x Comedy

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(This is the Honnouji Hotel film review, which is a Japanese film released as part of the features in Singapore Japanese Film Festival) I’ve recently had the pleasure of catching the film “Honnouji Hotel” at a Japanese film festival held at the National Museum of Singapore. It truly is a breath of fresh air to … Read more

2:22 (2017) Mini Film Review

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2:22 is an odd name for a movie title, but it actually contains more meaning that it meant in the movie. With it being an American-Australian thriller film that features famous actors such as Michiel Huisman, who is involved in World War Z and Game of Thrones, and a plot that is filled with mystery … Read more

Life Is Strange Review

There have been so many games from companies with the likes of Telltale Game releasing episodic adventures that are meant to be enjoyed like a playable Tv series. Life Is Strange (LIS) is a game from a French developer Dontnod Entertainment which follows the same episodic format. Will this be the game that revolutionise the format? … Read more

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