Itero Short Film Review (2019) – A Looping Killing

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It’s never been far-fetched to say that many films have made use of some sort of time-looping method to tell a story. Itero is one of the latest to delve into this method for its own story delivery.

Purgatory Short Film Review (2019) – Looping Cleaning Service

Purgatory Short Film Review post image controller companies

Cleaning service and laundry place has been one of the most commonly visited place for some. So what are the better ways to make it into a nice fitting film setting for psychological short film? Well, Purgatory seems to have the answer for that.

Avengers: Endgame Film Review (2019) – A Cycle Ends

Avengers Endgame film review post image controller companies

So much to say; and so much to take. Endgame is possibly one of the biggest films to date in the current era that has almost half of the world expecting it since a year ago. It all began with Iron Man(technically The Incredible Hulk, but let’s just ignore that). And a decade later, we have 22 films that make up the Avengers roster.

A Day Film Review (하루) (2017) – Korean Time Loop

(This is A Day film review, which is a 2017 Korean movies that involves a story of time looping) A Day is a Korean film that is directed by Jo Sun Ho, which also makes this his first directorial debut for the big screen. Its cast includes Kim Myung Min, Byun Yo Han and Shin Hye … Read more

Groundhog Day & Our Life : On Repeat

Yes, on repeat, and repeat…and yet again: it repeats. Have we all just been living the same life every day? Have we actually become like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? Imagine that you are on its movie poster, how would you feel? Is time looping something awesome that you want? Perhaps it is, or perhaps … Read more

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