Ad Astra Film Review (2019) – Brad In Space

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Original movie, especially Sci-fi, that is both big budget and is not part of the sequel/reboot/remake faction is getting rare nowadays. And Ad Astra appears in this year as one of the few original movies that tries its best to tell a compelling story with its own twist.

The Third Murder Film Review [三度目の殺人 ] (2017) – Psychological Murder Case

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(This is The Third Murder film review, which is Japanese movie released in 2017) The Third Murder is a Japanese legal thriller film directed by the famous Hirokazu Kore-eda, who has directed several hit films in the past. In this film, it seems to follow the common formula for the genre, where a lawyer has … Read more The Third Murder Film Review [三度目の殺人 ] (2017) – Psychological Murder Case

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