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I like to think highly of people. Not holding them to high expectation or any expectation at all. Those are two very different things. What I meant is, I like to think that everyone is capable of anything. As a teacher, I often get asked by my students, “do you think I can do that?” … Read more

The Beds that We let Memories Sleep

Remember back to the times when you have your first memory. If you did not realise that there is one place where we spend at least few hours on it: The Bed. For some, the bed will have changed shape or appearances, right back from when you were a small baby, lying down idly and innocently … Read more

Sheet Happens

“Shit happens.” Never before, words ring truer and with those two words, paired with an extremely charming smile, I breathed a sigh of relief. We were on a date and we somehow got separated. I misunderstood and exited the castle by myself. He was kindly waiting for me, saving half a marzipan chocolate while I … Read more

Tame Your Dragon

The words started to blur in my vision. The absence of caffeine in my bloodstream coupled with the flight delay… I was a ticking time bomb. I was bracing myself, waiting for the cranky bitch to emerge from my subconscious, turning me into an unpleasant lady monster. But it didn’t come. It never came. I … Read more

The Heart Within : Our Life Cycle

The Heart Within life review post image

It’s a cycle through life, be it joy, sadness, dark times or good times, we still keep going through it till now. What is our motivation to survive this harsh world? What is the aim or the end goal for each of us? None is confirmed, and the confirmed may not always happen. We ride … Read more

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