Hellboy Film Review (2019) – Hornless Remake Comeback

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This Hellboy is essentially a remake of the 2004 and 2008 Hellboy film series and it has lots of catching up to do to best these two predecessors. With Guillermo del Toro out of the frame, and replaced by Neil Marshall, would this film be able to surpass them? I mean, he is well known for directing several episodes of Game of Thrones, so I assume that it’s gonna be gore or filled with plenty of deaths.

Glass Film Review (2019) – Shyamalan Final Trilogy

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(This is Glass film review, which is a 2019¬†Shyamalan film that is the final instalment in his first trilogy which comprised of Unbreakable and Split) Imagine a trilogy that took 18 years to complete, as well being M. Night Shyamalan‘s first ever trilogy in his decades long career as a director. After the event that … Read more

Aquaman Film Review (2018) – DC Comeback Film

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(This is Aquaman film review, which is a 2018 DC superhero movie that is the debut film for Aquaman) Aquaman is the sixth DC superheroes movies that is part of the DCEU, though he has appeared in two other films Superman vs Batman and Justice League, before this debut film. This film is directed by … Read more

Big Hero 6 Film Review (2014) – Robot Superhero Story

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(This is the Big Hero 6 film review, which is a 2014 Pixar film that is filled with characters set in a futuristic Tokyo x San Francisco city, and also the first Pixar film to feature Marvel superheroes) Pixar is at it again and this time it features something that is a bit different. First … Read more

Deadpool 2 (2018) Mini Film Review

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Deadpool 2 is back with bigger and badder¬†protagonists and antagonist! He is the man who will save the world with his jokes and sword and now has to face a man from the future that is equipped with guns! OMG This is gonna be one hell lot of explosions, and check out the Deadpool 2 … Read more

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) VERSUS REVIEW

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And now it’s time for our second Versus Review of popular films that deserve not just one but TWO reviewers’ opinions for your reading. The chosen film this time is Spiderman, our friendly neighbour who has been remade into a film three times. Everyone will, of course, remember the first series by Sam Raimi, which … Read more

Wonder Woman (2017) VERSUS REVIEW!

Wonder Woman is perhaps one of the most iconic female superheroes, if not the most, that has been popular for decades since her introduction in the comic book. Females superheroes movies have always seemed to fare badly compared to their male counterparts, and DC is taking great care in ensuring this movie a success. With … Read more

Logan (2017) Mini Film Review

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17 years…it has been that long since the first appearance of Wolverine from the X-Men franchise that begins almost two decades ago. Although he is a mutant, his body still ages like a normal human. This film tells his final tale of an older Wolverine and Professor Charles that are way past their prime, with … Read more

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