Peninsula Film Review (2020) – Ship To HongKong

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The zombie genre has never really died out. And right in the middle of Covid, Train to Busan sequel, Peninsula was released to the world, and acted as a standalone sequel to the 2016 film.

82 年生的金智英影评(2019) – 生而为人,都很难

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82 年生的金智英是一部探讨女性价值和性别不平等的议题,向我们正面地展现了一个女孩 成长所面临的难题,这曾一度在韩国社会引起极大的热议,在韩国还曾出现过全国请愿反对 搬上银幕的声音。

The Divine Fury Film Review [사자] (2019) – MMA Korean Constantine

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Do you know South Korea has one of the largest populations that follows the teaching of Jesus Christ? So it’s natural that many films are produced with the religion as a theme, where the good fight the evil. The Divine Fury is yet another one that has appeared this year tackling the same subject.

Exit Film Review [엑시트] (2019) – Climbing Yoona Action

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Have you wondered what will be the result from the mixture of Yoona, some mountain-climbing skills and bio-terrorism in Seoul? Exit will be the unexpected answer and hell it is truly different from the current crop of films from South Korea.

Take Point Film Review [더 벙커] (2018) – Korean Infiltration Drama

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(This is Take Point film review, which is a 2018 South Korean action drama film tells the story of an alternate reality where a group of mercenaries is infiltrating North Korea to apprehend the Supreme Leader) Kim Byung Woo is a South Korean director that is famous another movie The Terror Live [더 테러 라이브], … Read more

A Man and A Woman [Namgwa Yeo] (2016) Mini Film Review

A Man and A Woman[Namgwa Yeo] is a Korean romance movie that stars Gong Yoo, an actor who achieves fame from the acclaimed ‘Train to Busan’ film, and its filmed in parts of Finland. Namgwa Yeo has a basic plotline that resembles cliche forbidden love often found in Asian Tv dramas or films. So, in … Read more

My Annoying Brother [Hyeong] (2016) Film Mini Review

And now comes another Korean movie that was released back in 2016 that has garnered many views since its release. The film stars Jo Jung-suk, Do Kyung-soo and Park Shin-hye. It can be considered to be a semi-independent film that has surprising results with the audience. Without further ado, let’s get down to the review.   … Read more

The Handmaiden Film Review [아가씨] (2016) – Korean Erotic Thriller

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The Handmaiden is a South Korean erotic psychological film that is directed by Park Chan-Wook, who is famous for his Oldboy film and other hits in the South Korean film industry. His film has always contained a certain style and flair, with many of them being quite dark in nature with unexpected twists. Also, its … Read more

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