Climax Film Review (2018) – Musical Drug Horror

(This is Climax film review, which is a 2018 French musical horror art film that contains drugs and sex scenes) We(ok, maybe some of us) used to have some of those bad acid trips when we go to clubs etc. Then imagine if this incident happened to a group of dancers, who become so high … Read more

Hotel Artemis Film Review (2018) – Criminal Loving Hotel

Hotel Artemis film review post image controller companies

(This is the Hotel Artemis film review, which is a dystopian neo-noir crime film that is released in 2018) Hotel Artemis is the film feature debut of Drew Pearce, who has worked on Iron Man 3, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and British tv comedy No Heroic. It is a film that is quite artistic in … Read more

The Mummy (2017) Mini Film Review

Tom Cruise is a treasure hunter/looter in this movie and he stumbles upon an ancient tomb, inadvertently freeing the evil mummy played by Sofia Boutella. Action sequences ensue and several parties race to put a stop to the mummy.   I just want to say that this movie has been getting a lot of hate … Read more

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