The Girl who creates Weapons at Home! – Deborah Wong

Deborah Wong Weapons

Hidden somewhere in the Tampines area in Singapore lies a house that lives a girl who crafts her own deadly ‘weapons’ inspired from video games, movies or tv-series. As we moved into her room, we were surprised to see that she has a full shelf stocked up with the required materials such as paints and some other necessary stuff. What’s more,┬áin the room that she shares with her siblings, half of it has been turned into her own workshop in the corner.

Life Review: Featuring & Interviewing Jerrold Soh!

Jerrold Soh Interview post image

Jerrold Soh, who is one of the founders of Lex Quanta. He is currently studying at the National University of Singapore, while also managing the company at the same time. Jerrold helps to bring out a simulator prototype that helps to ease the work of lawyers in division of matrimonial assets. Below is a more in-depth interview of his story and also his thoughts about AI!

Life Review: Featuring & Interviewing Isle Provisions!

For this article of Life Review, it is for introducing to you a new independent store that sells unique Taiwanese products that are sourced by the Taiwanese-Singaporean duo! Isle Provisions is a small store that fuses design with practicality and also in selling unique products. Take a look at the video below to check out … Read more

Life Review: Interview with Kelly Lim!

Kelly Lim Interview post image

Heya guys! Controller Companies is branching out to interview people who have become an overnight sensation for our new section in Life Review! For our first post, we interview with Kelly Lim, who got famous for her unique hilarious custom-made Tinder profile that has now, most likely, makes her a prime target to be swiped … Read more

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