Hope Short Film Review (2016) – Mind and Reality

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Sometimes the mind plays tricks on yourself in order for you to survive the situation. And sometimes it also presents the reality as another illusion that you denied. Hope is a film that combines both of these aspects into its storytelling.

Our Biweekly Curated Short Films – Top 3 List!

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Inspirational Short Films are a bit different from the usual short films that involve drama and character interactions. In short, most of them are just a short piece that is meant to give out motivational or inspirational support in one way or another.

Pour 585 Short Film Review (2019) – Winey In Conformity

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It’s been quite rare to see a short film that is entirely 2D animated in a handdrawn fashion that is similar to older cartoons in the 90s. But makes no mistake, Pour 585 is a modern short film that tackles one of the current era’s issues as its moral lesson. This short film is released just a day ago in Vimeo and is directed by Patrick Smith, produced by Kaori Ishida and with music by Leon Riskin.

Alike Short Film Review (2016) – Father Son Story

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(This is Alike short film review, which is a 2016 short animated film featuring father-son characters) Alike is an animated short film directed by Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez. It is shown in a Spanish film festival and has garnered over 2 million views on Youtube. The contents have no dialogues at all, so it is pretty … Read more

STATIC Short Film Review (2017) – Midnight Strange Occurrences

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(This is STATIC short film review, which is a 2017 horror short film is directed by Nick Beardslee) STATIC is a drama short film directed by Nick Beardslee and produced by Nick, Michael Nibozny and Drew Beardslee. It is released around a week ago on Vimeo and after watching it, I felt that it should be … Read more

Double King Short Film Review (2017) – Weird Gore Animation

(This is Double King short film review, which is a 2017 weird animated short film that is part of the Staff pick in Vimeo) Double King is a short animated film by Felix Colgrave, an animator who is currently based in Australia. He is known for his weird art style and ‘Double King’ has garnered over 20k views … Read more

Polar Night Short Film Review (2017) – Interracial Subtle Love

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(This is Polar Night short film review, which is a 2017 short film directed and starred actors of different races and nationalities) Polar Night is a short film directed by Kiki Li and stars actors Isabel Potting and Haomu Zhang, who are from different ethnicities, in an intimate scene. The short film is released on Vimeo … Read more

Afternoon Class Short Film Review (2014) – Tale of Napping

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(This is Afternoon Class short film review, which is a 2014 Korean animated short film that was released in Vimeo as part of its Staff Pick) Afternoon Class is a short animated film created by Seoro Oh, a Korean freelance illustrator and also a Film Maker. The clip was released on Vimeo and had since … Read more

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