Murder on the Orient Express (2017) Mini Film Review

murder on the orient express film review post image

I have never read the novel or watched any other iterations of this story so I went in clueless about this film and as a big fan of mysteries and old-school detectives, this film delighted me to no end.   A train trip across Europe has a mystery murder happening right when Hercule Poirot, the … Read more

Volver Film Review (2006) – Spanish Comedy Mystery

Volver Film post image

Volver is a Spanish drama film directed by acclaimed director Pedro Almodovar and features famous actress such as Penelope Cruz and Carmen Maura. It was nominated for awards in Cannes and also received recognition in the media. With this movie being so renowned, we are here to make sure that it’s not overhyped just because … Read more

Vanilla Sky Film Review (2001) – Surrealism Mystery Drama

Vanilla Sky film review post image

Vanilla Sky, featuring Tom Cruise, is just one hell of metaphors, illusions, and dreams mixed together. It is a film of many genres: science fiction, thriller, romance and psychological. Cameron Crowe directs the film with a vision in mind, and the style is very obviously bright for a science fiction film. It’s a pretty unique … Read more

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