John Wick 2 Film Review (2017) – More Wicked Action

(This is John Wick 2 film review, which is a 2017 action noir film that stars the hitman Keanu Reeves) It’s been 3 years since the first film came out onto the big screen, and our boy Keanu still seem to be able to handle the hitman life. It still stars Keanu Reeves as the titular … Read more

Hereditary Film Review (2018) – True Horror Beneath!

Hereditary film review post image controller companies

(This is the Hereditary film review, which is a horror film released in 2018) Yet another horror film has been released and sometimes we are wondering if such genre has already gone past its expiry dates, especially with many disappointing releases over the past years. Hereditary does look like a typical supernatural horror film in … Read more

How To Talk To Girls At Parties Film Review (2017) – London Aliens Punks

(This is the How To Talk To Girls At Parties film review, which is the sequel to the 2015 Jurassic World film) I think this is based on a book by Neil Gaiman But it doesn’t matter because I’ve never read the book and shall judge it as its own thing anyway. It is directed … Read more

Deadpool 2 (2018) Mini Film Review

Deadpool 2 film review post image

Deadpool 2 is back with bigger and badder protagonists and antagonist! He is the man who will save the world with his jokes and sword and now has to face a man from the future that is equipped with guns! OMG This is gonna be one hell lot of explosions, and check out the Deadpool 2 … Read more

Isle of Dogs Film Review (2018) – Dogs x Japan x Wacky

Isle of Dogs film review post image

(This is the Isle of Dogs film review, which is a stop-motion animated film that is a fusion of Japanese and Western artstyles ) Isle of Dogs is a stop-motion animated film that is directed by the famed Wes Anderson, whose works in the past include The Grand Budapest Hotel. With him at the helm … Read more

Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Mini Film Review

Oh yeahhhh! It’s that time of the year again when most Marvel superheroes gather in a single movie and that is The Avengers series! This time, our heroes have to fight Thanos to prevent him from getting the Infinity Stones for his gauntlet. After the accumulation of myriad Marvel movies before this film come out, … Read more

Ready Player One (2018) Mini Film Review

Ready Player One film review post image

Ready Player One is one of those films that have been hyped since it’s teaser is released months ago, and with it also being directed by the legendary director Stephen Spielberg, the hype is true. What’s more, its theme that consists of games and virtual reality, something that all of us are getting to experience … Read more

A Quiet Place Film Review (2018) – Stay Fcking Quiet

(This is the A Quiet Place film review, the debut film of John Krasinski who also acts in it with his wife) A Quiet Place is a film that is a directorial debut of John Krasinski, who also cast his real-life spouse, Emily Blunt, into this movie. In a way, this film received several spotlights as … Read more

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