Suburbicon (2017) Mini Film Review

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This movie is weird but weird in a good way, weird in a way that I’m not used to it because it feels so different from the typical Hollywood tropes we’ve been used to. However, feel it does stumble quite a bit. This film is, in essence, a black comedy so know that going in. … Read more Suburbicon (2017) Mini Film Review

Moana (2016) Mini Film Review

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Disney¬†has decided to release two animations in a year, which is a rare feat ever since 2002. With the earlier Zootopia being a huge success, Disney perhaps will try to capitalise the market yet again with Moana. Instead of animals characters, we are introduced to Maoi or Polynesian culture theme story. Can Moana manage to … Read more Moana (2016) Mini Film Review

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