The Day I Stop

I wasn’t strong enough. I was swayed, letting myself getting carried away, letting my own voice drowned while I was busy listening without filtering. I won’t make an excuse for myself. I was stressed and unhappy and it was nobody’s fault but my own. Crazy diets, doing exercises I dislike, beating myself up mentally. Now … Read moreThe Day I Stop

Aggy The Goldfish

Hello. I’m Aggy. If you know me well, then you know that I’m Aggy the Goldfish. I don’t get offended if you call me goldfish. In fact, I love being goldfish. Apology. You must be wondering why I’m a goldfish. Apparently, goldfish has a short term memory and forgets a lot and fast. Just like … Read moreAggy The Goldfish

Stillness in Speed

life review 6 post image tree and road

Never have I thought in a million years that I would actually find peace at the speed of 210km/hour on top of a giant motorbike. Yes, 210, I kid you not. The wind was no longer whispering but rather roaring in your ears. The world simply whizzed by in a blur of green and blue. … Read moreStillness in Speed

Why your old Blog posts are worth re-reading

Life Review 6 post image tree in middle

Uncategorised; A unique auto-created category by WordPress before for each post that you wrote. For some of us, we will un-tick it and create a new one in its place. For others, we leave it as it is. These ‘Uncategorised’ posts are for those who prefer it to be hidden from view or just to … Read moreWhy your old Blog posts are worth re-reading

Life’s a Playful One

Life is indeed a playful one. It has a quirky sense of humour. Like, for example, have you ever experienced the following: You wake up in a foul mood. No reason. Then, you prepare your day as usual and then walk out of the house. You meet your best friend who just happens to be … Read moreLife’s a Playful One

A Little Jazz, A Little Raindrops

Life Review 3 post image

Jazz music playing softly in the car. The sound of raindrops pitter-pattering on the windows. A little chill in the air. The warmth from the breath of the person sitting on the wheel. The soft gaze, first towards what lies on the other side of the window, blur of lights, then towards the person on … Read moreA Little Jazz, A Little Raindrops

Icy Morning : Serenity

life review 2 post image

It was a cold icy morning. I checked my phone, the temperature was -2°C, then a freezing wind just blew past me as I walked out of the gate. Every single breath produced a white mist that dissipates as fast as it appeared. Step by step, it was as if my feet were bare, touching against … Read moreIcy Morning : Serenity


Life Review Caffeiness post image

Liquid bass thrumming against my eardrums, hammering inside my skull, beating against the back of my eyelids. Half day. Without my usual dose of caffeine. The effects start to emerge like a ripple across an otherwise peaceful ocean. Then the rain starts. I see stars whenever I close my eyes. Not Then the rain starts. … Read moreCaffeineless

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