Take Point Film Review [더 벙커] (2018) – Korean Infiltration Drama

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(This is Take Point film review, which is a 2018 South Korean action drama film tells the story of an alternate reality where a group of mercenaries is infiltrating North Korea to apprehend the Supreme Leader) Kim Byung Woo is a South Korean director that is famous another movie The Terror Live [더 테러 라이브], … Read more

A Day Film Review (하루) (2017) – Korean Time Loop

(This is A Day film review, which is a 2017 Korean movies that involves a story of time looping) A Day is a Korean film that is directed by Jo Sun Ho, which also makes this his first directorial debut for the big screen. Its cast includes Kim Myung Min, Byun Yo Han and Shin Hye … Read more

The Chaser Film Review [추격자] (2008) – Korean Murderer Spree

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This is a South Korean dark criminal drama film that is inspired by real-life events and murderer. In fact, it is even shot in the same place as where the real murders happened. What’s more, this film is the Director’s, Na Hong-Jin, debut film and people have already praised it to be one of the … Read more

The Good, The Bad, The Weird Film Review (2008) – Korean Western Comedy

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A western movie inspired by Sergio Leone‘s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and is directed by Kim Jee Woon, this is not exactly a Korean remake but it borrows some of the former ideas heavily. With some great casts and the same western setting, this is the film that contains something more than … Read more

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