Prisoners Film Review (2013) – The Twisty Maze

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What happened when your child goes missing and you found that the main suspect is let go freely after? Prisoners use that exact sentiment but also does it in a way that is quite unexpected.

You Were Never Really Here Film Review (2017) – Phoenix Psychological Thriller

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The Joker(2019)’s actor seems to like to act as characters that are moody and often speak much lesser dialogue than normal people. And in You Were Never Really Here, he shows that he is truly an actor that prides himself on acting rather than just talking.

SEARCHING 网络迷踪影评 (2018) – 父亲寻女儿的故事

SEARCHING 网络迷踪电影评价 post image controller companies

SEARCHING(网络迷踪)是一部拍摄手法很特别的一部电影,全片不是以第三人称的视角,几乎采用电脑的窗口页面完成了整部电影对外的展示,对看惯了如今市面上各类高成本、酷炫画面的大片的影人来说,这绝对是一次新颖的观影体验。演员是John Cho,一位在美国相当有名的演员,而导演是Aneesh Chaganty。我就不多说了,下面就是我写的网络迷踪电影评价。

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