Phantasmagoria Short Film Review [நிகழ் மாயை ](2019) – Tamil Mind Bending

Phantasmagoria short film review post image controller companies

The Tamil film industry has been on a rise steadily together with the Hindi film industry which made up much of the Bollywood. And among all these, there are often directors that are less well known worldwide. Phantasmagoria is a film directed by one of these directors, MJ Arun Babu.

Hotel Mumbai Film Review (2019) – Realism Mumbai Terror

The tragic Mumbai incident in 2008 has received condemnations from all around the world. As well as causing one of the highest death of the year, it is also the event that soured the relationships of the two neighbouring countries. And with it, plenty of other films have been made about it, with Hotel Mumbai being the fifth film.

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