Drip Short Film Review (2019) – Boy Toilet Horror

Drip short film review boy walks in hallway

Horror has always been the mainstay in any film genre, particularly the short film genre. It’s not particularly hard to make, and can be done in as little budget as possible. And Drip is one of the latest to join in the party.

Us Film Review (2019) – Seeing Horror Double

It is original movies like “Us” which makes me realise I actually really like horror movies beyond just going to the cinemas and laughing at everyone else who overreacts to the scary scenes. Although its more a mix of horror and thriller rather than a straight up horror flick.

It Comes Film Review [来る] (2019) – Japanese Hereditary Horror

It Comes film review post image Controller Companies

It Comes, or 来る in its Japanese title, is a supernatural horror film that is based on the novel by Ichi Sawamura. It is directed by the famous director Tetsuya Nakashima, who did Confessions[告白].

STATIC Short Film Review (2017) – Midnight Strange Occurrences

STATIC short film review post image controller companies

(This is STATIC short film review, which is a 2017 horror short film is directed by Nick Beardslee) STATIC is a drama short film directed by Nick Beardslee and produced by Nick, Michael Nibozny and Drew Beardslee. It is released around a week ago on Vimeo and after watching it, I felt that it should be … Read moreSTATIC Short Film Review (2017) – Midnight Strange Occurrences

Climax Film Review (2018) – Musical Drug Horror

(This is Climax film review, which is a 2018 French musical horror art film that contains drugs and sex scenes) We(ok, maybe some of us) used to have some of those bad acid trips when we go to clubs etc. Then imagine if this incident happened to a group of dancers, who become so high … Read moreClimax Film Review (2018) – Musical Drug Horror

Mandy Film Review (2018) – Nicholas Cage Horror

(This is the Mandy film review, which is a 2018 USA-Canada pro-production horror film that stars the famous Nicholas Cage) Mandy is a horror film that is directed by Panos Costamos, who has directed another horror titled Beyond the Black Rainbow. He is the son of the acclaimed director who presented us with Cobra and Tombstone. … Read moreMandy Film Review (2018) – Nicholas Cage Horror

Raw (2016) Mini Film Review

Raw is a French-Belgian movie that is written and directed by Julia Ducornau, who has also directed other award-winning short films. It features Garance Marillier, a French actress who is relatively unknown outside France. With the theme of the film being somewhat gory and has a rating of 18+, will this film be a hit? Or will … Read moreRaw (2016) Mini Film Review

Get Out (2017) Mini Film Review

Get Out film review post image

Get Out is an American horror suspense film that is directed by actor Jordan Peele in his directorial debut. It is a film about racism, sort of, that has struck a note nowadays, especially for Black Lives Matter movement, and stars Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams. With the film featuring an interracial couple, and this … Read moreGet Out (2017) Mini Film Review

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