Pour 585 Short Film Review (2019) – Winey In Conformity

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It’s been quite rare to see a short film that is entirely 2D animated in a handdrawn fashion that is similar to older cartoons in the 90s. But makes no mistake, Pour 585 is a modern short film that tackles one of the current era’s issues as its moral lesson. This short film is released just a day ago in Vimeo and is directed by Patrick Smith, produced by Kaori Ishida and with music by Leon Riskin.

I think I love You Short Film Review (2017) – Love is Universal

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(This is I think I love You short film review, which is a 2017 animated short film directed by students for their final film project in an arts institute) I think I love You is a short animation film that is created by Xiya Lan and with music composed by Karen Tanaka. This is the final film … Read more

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