Mississippi Grind Film Review (2015) – Reynold Mendelsohn Gambling

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Much has been told about gambling and the ensuing moral lessons that come with it in many other films. However, Mississippi Grind seems to have a plan to have its own twist in the genre.

Forrest Gump Film Review (1994) – Great Unique Storytelling

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There is always a movie that gained the approval of the masses solely from its storytelling. Forrest Gump is one of these films and it even almost beat out The Lion King in terms of revenue when it was released, and became one of the highest grossing films of the 90s.

Zodiac Film Review (2007) – Chasing Uncatchable Killer

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There’s always been a few rare murder cases where the murderer was never caught. Zodiac was one of these cases that, till now, had never had its perpetrator caught, and this film used that as its premise.

Prisoners Film Review (2013) – The Twisty Maze

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What happened when your child goes missing and you found that the main suspect is let go freely after? Prisoners use that exact sentiment but also does it in a way that is quite unexpected.

Peninsula Film Review (2020) – Ship To HongKong

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The zombie genre has never really died out. And right in the middle of Covid, Train to Busan sequel, Peninsula was released to the world, and acted as a standalone sequel to the 2016 film.

Matchless Mulan Film Review [无双花木兰] (2020) – The Better Mulan

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Have you ever wondered if you have watched a different version of the same film because the original one disappointed you so much? Well, Matchless Mulan is your wish come true when it was released at the same time as Disney’s Mulan.

Mulan Film Review (2020) – The Worse Mulan

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Ever since the classic cartoon from the 90s, many people have always wondered how it would like in a live-action medium. 20 years later, Disney presented us with its own version with Mulan, and with it comes various opinions about it.

The Anthem of the Heart Film Review (2015) [心が叫びたがってるんだ] – Musical From Within

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From the staff who worked on the excellent anime series Anohana, came a film that is different yet also similar to their past work spiritually. The Anthem of the Heart tells a story that deals with normalities and realisms of life with a touch of creativity with musical.

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