SoundMAGIC HP200 Review

Soundmagic HP200 Review post image

Headphones are now part of the mainstream. Everywhere you look, online or offline, you will find myriads of brands and types. They come in many sizes and is found in a very big price range. However, not all are created equal and there are some that are simply not worth the asking price, due to … Read moreSoundMAGIC HP200 Review

The Thing Film Review (1982): Aliens x Snow x Horror

The Thing film review post image

John Carpenter’s The Thing is a 1982 film that is based on the novella written by John W. Campbell Jr. It was initially a film that did not turn out as well as expected. And of course, in the era when it was released, this movie’s premise and the setting is not exactly mainstream as well. … Read moreThe Thing Film Review (1982): Aliens x Snow x Horror

AMC Aloe Gel Review

AMC Mastercare Aloe Vera review post image

Aloe vera, you have been appearing pretty much everywhere, haven’t you? With the exploding popularity of aloe vera products in the market, it’s not too surprising that there would one found in any households. Even if it’s not the primary product advertised, aloe vera has been used in body products like shampoo and even hand … Read moreAMC Aloe Gel Review

John Wick Film Review (2014) – Avenging Dog’s Death

John Wick Film mini review post image

John Wick marks a return of Keanu Reeves into action movie since his absence from the genre for some time. Also, the directors, Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, of which the latter has directed other famous action films such as Deadpool 2 and Atomic Blonde. Let’s get down below for John Wick film review, and find … Read moreJohn Wick Film Review (2014) – Avenging Dog’s Death

The Prestige Film Review (2006) – Magician Sci-fi Drama

The Prestige Film Review post image

Back to the classic of an amazing film about magic in a darker sense: The Prestige. The Prestige is directed by Christopher Nolan and it differs so much from Now You See Me series in terms of depth. characters, mood, and style. It also stars very notably heavyweights actors: Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman! With such … Read moreThe Prestige Film Review (2006) – Magician Sci-fi Drama

Away from Her Film Review (2006) – Alzheimer’s Tearjerker drama

Away from Her film review post image

Away from Her is a Canadian film that brings out the realism of Alzheimer’s disease onto the big screen and it is directed by Sarah Polley. It stars Gordon Pinsent, Julie Christie and Olympia Dukakis, all of which have been veterans in the acting world. While the premise seems typical of such a drama involving memory … Read moreAway from Her Film Review (2006) – Alzheimer’s Tearjerker drama

Audioquest Dragonfly Red Review

Audioquest Dragonfly Red Review post image

Imagine a device the size of a thumb-drive and Now imagine that it can improve your listening experience by a notch. Yes, this magical device does exist and here we go: I present you the Audioquest Dragonfly Red! It is small; it is bright and it is absolutely eye-catching. Without further ado, let’s delve into the … Read moreAudioquest Dragonfly Red Review

City of God Film Review (2002) – Bloody Brazilian Drama

City of God Film Review post image

City of God [Cidade de Deus] is a 2002 crime drama feature film that is directed by Fernando Meirelles and co-directed by Kátia Lund. It is a Brazilian film that aims to tell a story about organised crime in the real city with the same name as the film title itself.

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