Mississippi Grind Film Review (2015) – Reynold Mendelsohn Gambling

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Much has been told about gambling and the ensuing moral lessons that come with it in many other films. However, Mississippi Grind seems to have a plan to have its own twist in the genre.

Forrest Gump Film Review (1994) – Great Unique Storytelling

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There is always a movie that gained the approval of the masses solely from its storytelling. Forrest Gump is one of these films and it even almost beat out The Lion King in terms of revenue when it was released, and became one of the highest grossing films of the 90s.

The Neighbors’ Window Short Film Review (2019) – The Real Happiness

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Have you ever wondered if your neighbours have a better life that you from the outside? That is exactly the premise of The Neighbors’ Window told mostly through the point of view of windows peeping (sort of)

Steins;Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu Film Review (2013) – Kurisu’s Steins Gate

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Steins Gate is one of the best anime series that I have watched so far, right from the original 2011 series up to the latest Steins Gate Zero. It’s been one hell of emotional roller coaster ride, and now Steins;Gate: The Movie tries to serve as the deserved ending to this great anime series based on time traveling.

Locke Film Review (2013) – Solo Hardy Performance

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Have you ever watched a film that takes place in real time, and only shows one man and his car throughout the film? Because Locke is exactly that but executed in such a unique way that it actually makes it stand out in some ways.

Knives Out Film Review (2019) – Great Detective Craig

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Mystery films and those of whodunit genre has always been a mainstay in the cinemas since the decades ago. Knives Out is just one of the latest offerings that aims to put in its own modern twist to the formula with an all-star cast.

Ad Astra Film Review (2019) – Brad In Space

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Original movie, especially Sci-fi, that is both big budget and is not part of the sequel/reboot/remake faction is getting rare nowadays. And Ad Astra appears in this year as one of the few original movies that tries its best to tell a compelling story with its own twist.

Battle at Big Rock Short Film Review (2019) – Camping With Dinosaurs

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The next instalment in the Jurassic World series is coming to the silver screen in 2 more years, but now a short that acts as a prologue to the film has been released just recently! Battle at Big Rock gives us a glimpse at how the world has adapted to the presence of the released cloned dinosaurs.

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