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Happy New Year 2019 and Thank You!

Controller Companies wish all followers a Happy New Year 2019! We hope we will be able to provide more reviews and also categories that you may enjoy in the coming months. There are also some planned projects in 2019 that might prove exciting for you guys. Alas, 2018 has been a year that marks the … Read moreHappy New Year 2019 and Thank You!

Rain and my Memories

Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com from Pexels

It rained this morning as I woke up to the thunderstorm. Strangely, just as I gained consciousness from my sleep, I felt that I have been transported back to my room in Singapore. There’s something about rain that always does this to me. As I closed my eyes again, I really felt that I was … Read moreRain and my Memories

Sicario: Day of the Soldado Film Review (2018) – Grim Brutal Sequel

(This is the Sicario: Day of the Soldado film review, which is a 2018 sequel film to the 2015’s Sicario) It is pretty unexpected for 2015’s Sicario to get a sequel, considering that it already ends it story there and is a very good film as well. Regardless, perhaps due to the popularity of the … Read moreSicario: Day of the Soldado Film Review (2018) – Grim Brutal Sequel

Donnie Darko Film Review (2001) – Creepy Bunny Gyllenhaal

(This is the Donnie Darko film review, which is a cult science fiction film released in 2001) Most, if not all, time travel stories are about saving the world. This film is no difference either, but it isn’t your typical time machine traveling. Every time travelers are accompanied by a mad scientist sidekick, but here … Read moreDonnie Darko Film Review (2001) – Creepy Bunny Gyllenhaal

A Year On: Remembrance

It’s been a year, Gong Gong Po Po (grandparents in Chinese). It’s been one year since I saw you guys face to face, and it’s been a year since your bodies have left this world and in the form of silent ashes. It’s weird, I don’t feel much sadness while standing there praying in front … Read moreA Year On: Remembrance

Removal of Anime and Game Review sections (temporarily!)

Removal of categories announcement post image

Controller Companies has decided to focus on the more popular review sections such as the Film Review, Food Review and Life Review. Due to this, we are sad to have to remove the Anime and Game review categories for now. They will temporarily be removed until we have found a dedicated reviewer for that section. … Read moreRemoval of Anime and Game Review sections (temporarily!)

Welcoming our new Author Reviewer!

Surya New Author intro post image Controller Companies

Controller Companies is proud to announce a newly joined Author Reviewer into our team! His name is Surya, a not-your-typical barista who will be gracing us with his Food Reviews and also some niche Film Reviews! We hope that the audience will check his latest post which will be released this week! Meanwhile, have a … Read moreWelcoming our new Author Reviewer!

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