On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Film Review (1969) – A Unique Bond

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James Bond, the man who has fascinated us on the silver screen for decades, has always been starred by multiple actors. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, though, is the only one where the actor played the role only once.

Host Film Review (2020) – Zoom Paranormal Activity

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Due to the Corona virus, quarantine has become a part of most of the population in this world. Host makes use of that as the base of its premise and expands it in a way that just seems so relatable to us today.

Locke Film Review (2013) – Solo Hardy Performance

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Have you ever watched a film that takes place in real time, and only shows one man and his car throughout the film? Because Locke is exactly that but executed in such a unique way that it actually makes it stand out in some ways.

The Gentlemen Film Review (2020) – Ritchie New Masterpiece

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Gangsters, marijuana dealers and perhaps a more sophisticated way of dealing drugs have been part of movie premises for a long time to come. So, we have Guy Ritchie who decided to shoot a film with that exact cliché genre in mind, and then from there The Gentlemen appears onto our silver screens.

Biweekly Curated Short Films #4

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We are now into our 4th Biweekly Curated Shorts! As usual, we will feature some shorts that are different and unique, without giving them a full review for you to judge them yourself. This time, we include three of completely different genres, as well as languages, ranging from Japan to Britain.

Nine Iron Short Film Review (2019) – Twisty British Suspense

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Mystery, suspense and murder look-alike scenes are commonly used scenes in films. But what if you can make use of it to surprise the viewers? Well, Nine Iron is here to give it a go.

Hot Fuzz Film Review (2007) – British Action Comedy

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(This is Hot Fuzz film review, which is a 2007 British action comedy film that is a kind of sequel to Shaun of the Dead) Hot Fuzz is the second film directed by Edgar Wright and featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in the Cornetto Trilogy comedy. This time, the setting is based on a village … Read more Hot Fuzz Film Review (2007) – British Action Comedy

Johnny English Strikes Again Film Review (2018) Bean Against Technology

(This is theJohnny English Strikes Again film review, which is a 2018 spy comedy action that is the sequel to the Johnny English Reborn from 2011) He is perhaps the British Secret Service’s most famous man…aside from James Bond, of course. But he is the one who knows no fear, knows no danger…and Nothing! Johnny … Read more Johnny English Strikes Again Film Review (2018) Bean Against Technology

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