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HiFiMAN, the famous brand that has now spread its fame across the audiophile world for the past years have also released something for the masses (sort of). Most of their headphones are planar magnetic, which is a type of driver that is different from dynamic or balanced armature ones. You can read more about the difference here. As stated before, this is a headphone aim for the masses that are either semi-audiophile or none at all. This is easily seen in it being easy to drive, especially from mobile phones, where they will normally have less than a desirable amp or DAC. Well, without further ado, let’s explore the HiFiMAN HE-400i headphone review to see if it’s worth your cash and also if you are fit for it!

Sony MDR – XB80BS Review

Sony MDR-XB80BS review post image

Sony, one of the most well-known brand out of Japan that has been seen in many electronic products. One of them is the Audio Department, where its Walkman becomes a historic invention in changing our way to listen to music. Then, of course, Sony begins to manufacture its own line of headphones & earphones. Sony MDR – XB80BS is one of the products that have come out in recent years which targets athletes and Bass lovers. With it being a Bluetooth earphone and costing around £80++ (or lesser depending on your source), we are here to find out if it is truly worth the cost, especially when a wired earphone can be had at a much cheaper price.

Audio-Technica IM50 Review

After reviewing the SoundMAGIC HP200 headphone, it’s now time to review an earphone. ATH-IM50 is the base model of the IM series introduced by Audio-Technica in late 2013. It is warmly welcomed by its fans and gets pretty popular with the public. I have owned one for a year when its price has gone down, … Read more

Creative iRoar Go Review

iRoar Go Review post image

It’s portable; it’s small, and it sounds WIDE. In fact, Creative advertises it SUPER WIDE right on the packaging. Knowing that Creative has been a veteran in the audio technology business for decades, does it really ring true? Can the iRoar Go be your perfect everyday speaker on-the-go? Read the review to find out! For Video … Read more

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