Jumanji: The Next Level Film Review (2019) – Upgraded Comedy Level

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Sequels of many films have been the common sights recently in Hollywoods, especially so for the superheroes genre. But now a new challenger has arrived in the form of a video game, and Jumanji: The Next Level brings its own weight to grace us on the silver skin! And it looks upgraded, as if it has just leveled up!

Hereditary Film Review (2018) – True Horror Beneath!

Hereditary film review post image controller companies

(This is the Hereditary film review, which is a horror film released in 2018) Yet another horror film has been released and sometimes we are wondering if such genre has already gone past its expiry dates, especially with many disappointing releases over the past years. Hereditary does look like a typical supernatural horror film in … Read more

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