Teen Spirit Film Review (2018) – Okay Singing Cliché

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Teen Spirit is a film that chronicles something that is very relatable to us. With the common trope of becoming a superstar, this film has already told you roughly half of the pretty predictable plot. So what really sets it apart?

Leave No Trace Film Review (2018) – Father Daughter Trial

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Leave No Trace is a film that is directed by Debra Garnik and is also written by her and Anne Roselline. The whole premise is adapted from a novel titled My Abandonment by Peter Rock. It stars Ben Foster as a dad with PTSD and Thomasin McKenzie as his daughter.

Big Brother Film Review [大師兄] (2018) – Donnie As Teacher

(This is Big Brother film review, which is a 2018 Hong Kong action drama film that has a premise where Donnie Yen acts as an ex-military man who becomes a teacher in a class full of problematic students) This is perhaps one of those films where you would least expect Donnie Yen to be starred … Read more

Take Point Film Review [더 벙커] (2018) – Korean Infiltration Drama

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(This is Take Point film review, which is a 2018 South Korean action drama film tells the story of an alternate reality where a group of mercenaries is infiltrating North Korea to apprehend the Supreme Leader) Kim Byung Woo is a South Korean director that is famous another movie The Terror Live [더 테러 라이브], … Read more

Searching Film Review (2018) – Modern Disappearance Story

(This is Searching film review, which is a 2018 film that revolves around the event of a disappearance case shown entirely using computers, TVs, and phone screens) Have you always wondered how the film medium will change in this current era of smartphones and computer screens? Well, Aneesh Chaganty has decided to shoot his first … Read more

Climax Film Review (2018) – Musical Drug Horror

(This is Climax film review, which is a 2018 French musical horror art film that contains drugs and sex scenes) We(ok, maybe some of us) used to have some of those bad acid trips when we go to clubs etc. Then imagine if this incident happened to a group of dancers, who become so high … Read more

Roma Film Review (2018) – Alfonso Monochromatic Masterpiece

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(This is Roma film review, which is a 2018 Mexican drama film directed by Alfonso Cuarón that is shot entirely in black and white) It is quite rare nowadays for a feature film to be shot entirely in monochromatic format, as it seems to mostly be reserved for an art film. In a sense, this … Read more

SEARCHING 网络迷踪影评 (2018) – 父亲寻女儿的故事

SEARCHING 网络迷踪电影评价 post image controller companies

SEARCHING(网络迷踪)是一部拍摄手法很特别的一部电影,全片不是以第三人称的视角,几乎采用电脑的窗口页面完成了整部电影对外的展示,对看惯了如今市面上各类高成本、酷炫画面的大片的影人来说,这绝对是一次新颖的观影体验。演员是John Cho,一位在美国相当有名的演员,而导演是Aneesh Chaganty。我就不多说了,下面就是我写的网络迷踪电影评价。

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