King Arthur: Legend of The Sword (2017) Mini Film Review

King Arthur Legend of the Sword film review post image

An origin story of sorts for King Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) and his Knights of the Round Table. Witness his fall into peasantry and eventual rise to power as he claims his rightful place as the King of England, overthrowing his uncle Vortigern (Jude Law) in the process and mastering Excalibur, the magic sword of legend. … Read more King Arthur: Legend of The Sword (2017) Mini Film Review

Bleeding Steel (2017) Mini Film Review

Bleeding Steel film review post image

Jackie Chan is back in another movie since The Foreigner and this time he is portraying a similar father-figure role in a science fiction movie. With other famous names such as Show Luo, a popular Taiwanese singer and Ouyang Nana, a new beauty talent in the Taiwanese entertainment industry, could this film continue the Jackie … Read more Bleeding Steel (2017) Mini Film Review

Wonder Woman (2017) VERSUS REVIEW!

Wonder Woman is perhaps one of the most iconic female superheroes, if not the most, that has been popular for decades since her introduction in the comic book. Females superheroes movies have always seemed to fare badly compared to their male counterparts, and DC is taking great care in ensuring this movie a success. With … Read more Wonder Woman (2017) VERSUS REVIEW!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Mini Film Review

Star Wars The Last Jedi film review post image

The last Jedi does a lot of things right. It gives us a lot of what we want in a star wars film and even some things we didn’t even know we wanted. It is bold, perhaps a little too bold and I can see certain aspects of the film which will divide fans.   … Read more Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Mini Film Review

Kong: Skull Island (2017) Mini Film Review

King Kong has been a franchise that spawned many films, televisions and appears in other media formats for the past half a century. This year, The Great Gorilla is back bigger, stronger and more ferocious onto the big screen. Kong: Skull Island is technically a remake of the original film, with some changes to the … Read more Kong: Skull Island (2017) Mini Film Review

Logan (2017) Mini Film Review

Logan film review post image

17 years…it has been that long since the first appearance of Wolverine from the X-Men franchise that begins almost two decades ago. Although he is a mutant, his body still ages like a normal human. This film tells his final tale of an older Wolverine and Professor Charles that are way past their prime, with … Read more Logan (2017) Mini Film Review

Blade Runner 2049 Film Review (2017) – Best Sequel Ever

Blade Runner 2049 Film review post image

A friend once told me having expectations means you’re always going to get disappointed in one way or another. Especially even if this film stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, and is directed by the famed Denis Villeneuve. My expectations going into this film could not have been higher due to the early positive reviews … Read more Blade Runner 2049 Film Review (2017) – Best Sequel Ever

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