Ghost in the Shell (2017) Mini Film Review

Ghost in the Shell is based on the manga of the same name by Masamune Shirow. It becomes a famous hit in the 2000s and now it becomes infamous for the white-washing controversy with the supposedly Asian characters being portrayed by white actress Scarlet Johansson. It garners some criticisms over this and causes it to … Read more Ghost in the Shell (2017) Mini Film Review

Coco (2017) VERSUS REVIEW!

Coco film review post image

Coco is this year’s Pixar offering which takes a different approach from its usual ones. For instance, all of the characters shown are not white but Mexican. It should also come as no surprise that the theme of the story and narrative is heavily based on the Latino culture and customs. This Versus Review! comprises of … Read more Coco (2017) VERSUS REVIEW!

Suburbicon (2017) Mini Film Review

Suburbicon film review post image

This movie is weird but weird in a good way, weird in a way that I’m not used to it because it feels so different from the typical Hollywood tropes we’ve been used to. However, feel it does stumble quite a bit. This film is, in essence, a black comedy so know that going in. … Read more Suburbicon (2017) Mini Film Review

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