Trivisa [Shù Dà Zhāo Fēng](2016) Mini Film Review

Trivisa film review post image

When it comes to action crime thriller genre, Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the most famous in the forefront. With its long history that used to dominate the films of such genre before the 2000s, its action films have become its trademark. However, recently many films that have been released from the region seems … Read more Trivisa [Shù Dà Zhāo Fēng](2016) Mini Film Review

The Edge of Seventeen (2016) Mini Film Review

The Edge of Seventeen film review post image

It’s a film that has the common theme of coming-of-age that has been so prevalent in many movies nowadays. Usually, they are a bit of a hit and miss, relying on typical cliches that drive me bored when you have seen them too many times. The Edge of Seventeen, at first, seems to contain every … Read more The Edge of Seventeen (2016) Mini Film Review

Manchester by the Sea (2016) Mini Film Review

Manchester by the Sea film review post image

Manchester by the Sea is an American drama film written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan and stars Casey Affleck as the main character. It received critical acclaim upon release to the point that American Film Institute regards it as the top ten film of the year. What’s more Casey Affleck won the Golden Globe award … Read more Manchester by the Sea (2016) Mini Film Review

Moana (2016) Mini Film Review

Moana film review post image

Disney has decided to release two animations in a year, which is a rare feat ever since 2002. With the earlier Zootopia being a huge success, Disney perhaps will try to capitalise the market yet again with Moana. Instead of animals characters, we are introduced to Maoi or Polynesian culture theme story. Can Moana manage to … Read more Moana (2016) Mini Film Review

Sing (2016) Mini Film Review

Sing is created by the same studio that brings you the Despicable Me series and of course, that includes the famous Minions! So now that they have gained success in The Secret Life of Pets, which seems to prove they are able to produce equally market grossing original movie without relying on the minions. With that … Read more Sing (2016) Mini Film Review

Nocturnal Animals (2016) Mini Film Review

A story that runs in parallel between reality and fiction; the world where love and revenge come hand in hand. This is Nocturnal Animals, a neo-noir psychological thriller film that stars Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. It is directed by Tom Ford and this film has been called one of the best films of the year. … Read more Nocturnal Animals (2016) Mini Film Review

Passengers (2016) Mini Film Review

Passengers Film review post image

Passengers is a sci-fi romance film that features star-studded casts such as Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. With this in mind, there is high hope riding this film to make it into a successful blockbuster. Question is…will it be? As we all know that story and other factors will be involved in determining the quality … Read more Passengers (2016) Mini Film Review

A Man and A Woman [Namgwa Yeo] (2016) Mini Film Review

A Man and A Woman[Namgwa Yeo] is a Korean romance movie that stars Gong Yoo, an actor who achieves fame from the acclaimed ‘Train to Busan’ film, and its filmed in parts of Finland. Namgwa Yeo has a basic plotline that resembles cliche forbidden love often found in Asian Tv dramas or films. So, in … Read more A Man and A Woman [Namgwa Yeo] (2016) Mini Film Review

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