Mississippi Grind Film Review (2015) – Reynold Mendelsohn Gambling

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Much has been told about gambling and the ensuing moral lessons that come with it in many other films. However, Mississippi Grind seems to have a plan to have its own twist in the genre.

Sicario Film Review (2015) – Revenge of Hitman

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(This is the Sicario film review, which is a 2015 crime thriller film that is directed by the same director as Blade Runner 2049) Sicario is a film that seems, at first, to be a B-movie that will only show some cool and gritty action sequences of the justice forces of the USA against some drug … Read more

The Empire of Corpses Film Review [屍者の帝国] (2015) – Zombie Anime Havoc

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The Empire of Corpses, also known as Shisha no Teikoku, is a science fiction steampunk anime by Wit Studio and released in 2015. It is directed by Ryoutarou Makihara and features several well-known voice actors such as Yoshimasa Hosoya, Ayumu Murase and Kana Hanazawa. With a well cast voice actors, will this movie be a hit among the … Read more

Lowlife Love Film Review [下衆の愛] (2015) – Japanese Shady Industry

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Lowlife Love [下衆の愛] is a film that depicts the reality of filmmaking industry in the Japanese or perhaps Asian world. Its premise is not original, but with some famous actors cast in it, will this film stand out among others? And will it reveal the real truth behind the industry that creates our entertainment? Follow … Read more

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