Pan’s Labyrinth [El laberinto del fauno] (2006) Mini Film Review

Pan's Labyrinth review post image

Going back to the year 2006, where acclaimed Director Guillermo del Toro released a dark fantasy film that perhaps has been one of his most popular works, we are here to visit it to see if the quality of storytelling and filmmaking still able to match the current films. The film is in Spanish, and it … Read more

The Prestige Film Review (2006) – Magician Sci-fi Drama

The Prestige Film Review post image

Back to the classic of an amazing film about magic in a darker sense: The Prestige. The Prestige is directed by Christopher Nolan and it differs so much from Now You See Me series in terms of depth. characters, mood, and style. It also stars very notably heavyweights actors: Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman! With such … Read more

Away from Her Film Review (2006) – Alzheimer’s Tearjerker drama

Away from Her film review post image

Away from Her is a Canadian film that brings out the realism of Alzheimer’s disease onto the big screen and it is directed by Sarah Polley. It stars Gordon Pinsent, Julie Christie and Olympia Dukakis, all of which have been veterans in the acting world. While the premise seems typical of such a drama involving memory … Read more

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