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Short Film Review

Purgatory Short Film Review (2019) – Looping Cleaning Service

Cleaning service and laundry place has been one of the most commonly visited place for some. So what are the better ways to make it into a nice fitting film setting for psychological short film? Well, Purgatory seems to have the answer for that.

Short Film Review

The Lost Museum Film Review [Muzuem Utracone] (2019) – Polish Art Film

Poland has lost many artworks over the World War 2. The Lost Museum is a short film that uses that as the base of the story, but explores it in a more artistic film fashion. In a sense, it can be said to be an experimental film that aims to both tell the story and educate to the masses regarding the various lost artworks.

Short Film Review

Coming Back To Life Short Film Review (2019) – Abstract Lebanese History

Seldom has a short film based itself on a real history without showing any human characters at all. Coming Back to Life thus becomes one of the few short films that tries to tell its story using abstract scenes, but is based loosely on the real-life source. 

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Short Film Review

Drip Short Film Review (2019) – Boy Toilet Horror

Horror has always been the mainstay in any film genre, particularly the short film genre. It’s not particularly hard to make, and can be done in as little budget as possible. And Drip is one of the latest to join in the party.

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Short Film Review

Solitude Short Film Review (2019) – Artistic Loneliness Depiction

Solitude is a short film that aims to explore the different variation of loneliness that some of us face today. No longer are we feeling lonely from not connecting with others; rather we are lonely because we over-connected. And this film wants to do it in a more artistic abstract way.

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