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iRoar Go Review post image
Product Review

Creative iRoar Go Review

It’s portable; it’s small, and it sounds WIDE. In fact, Creative advertises it SUPER WIDE right on the packaging. Knowing that Creative has been a veteran

Soundmagic HP200 Review post image
Product Review

SoundMAGIC HP200 Review

Headphones are now part of the mainstream. Everywhere you look, online or offline, you will find myriads of brands and types. They come in many

AMC Mastercare Aloe Vera review post image
Product Review

AMC Aloe Gel Review

Aloe vera, you have been appearing pretty much everywhere, haven’t you? With the exploding popularity of aloe vera products in the market, it’s not too

Audioquest Dragonfly Red Review post image
Product Review

Audioquest Dragonfly Red Review

Imagine a device the size of a thumb-drive and Now imagine that it can improve your listening experience by a notch. Yes, this magical device

Roccat Kone Pure Gaming Mouse Product Review post image
Product Review

Roccat Kone Pure Gaming Mouse Product Review

The gaming mouse is increasingly becoming the norm nowadays, especially when it used to be a niche market. Some people do not even buy it for gaming but because they just look cool with those lightning effects. Some people just love the fact that you can change the DPI to control sensitivity on the fly. Then there are the people who use them for what they are designed for: Gaming. Roccat Kone Pure is yet another gaming mouse coming from a reputable German company to fill in the needs of the market.

Roland CS-10EM Product Review post image
Product Review

Roland CS-10EM Product Review

Binaural microphones have been around for perhaps decades. However, most of them require the use of a dummy head and some extra accessories, which make them bulky, expensive and not really accessible to the public. That is, until recently, when audio companies started to introduce a minimalistic (and dare I say, fashionable)binaural microphone at a surprisingly reasonable price. One of them is Roland, who releases CS-10EM, a microphone that performs well over its price tag.

X Mini Product Review Post Image Controller Companies
Product Review

X-mini Max DUO Speakers Review

X-mini is made by a company from Singapore, who has dedicated their time into portable speakers for the past few years. Their trademark is , and all these are supposed to come from a speaker with the diametre of 6cm.

UE Boom 2 vs Creative iRoar Go Review post image
Product Review

UE Boom 2 VS Creative Iroar Go Video Review

Creative iRoar Go is the latest portable speakers from a reputable audio-focused company: Creative. It has just been released 2 months ago and we pit

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