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Life Review

I Am Here

When the starless night sky consumes the last flicker of light. That’s when demons come out of their hidey-holes. Haunting, daunting. Whispering, lacing your thoughts

Life Review

The #1 Man

Today I ran, jog, and did little exercises in between bouts of speed walk with my dad. Okay, I ran and jog while my dad

Life Review

That One Question

This seems to be such a simple question yet I feel like it’s not asked often enough. Such a simple question yet it bears a

Life Review

The Beds that We let Memories Sleep

Remember back to the times when you have your first memory. If you did not realise that there is one place where we spend at

Life Review

1.8 Seconds

I rolled my eyes to the sky as my ears picked up the conversation happening right next to my table. It was more like a

Life Review

Pain and Pleasure

If you are here, reading this, thinking I’m writing about BDSM, then you’re in for a massive disappointment. You might as well stop reading. I’m

Life Review

Sheet Happens

“Shit happens.” Never before, words ring truer and with those two words, paired with an extremely charming smile, I breathed a sigh of relief. We

Life Review

Tame Your Dragon

The words started to blur in my vision. The absence of caffeine in my bloodstream coupled with the flight delay… I was a ticking time

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