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Life Review

New Year (Not) New Me

I went on my Facebook and my feed was littered with the New Year Resolution. Naturally. People want to reinvent themselves, setting goals, making wishes

Life Review

Let Them

“Can we go through the top floor entrance?” My brother asked. “Why?” I retorted. Why the hell couldn’t we go from this entrance which was

Life Review

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

I wish someone had told me this. I wish someone had said this to me when I was younger. I wish. But what has happened

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Life Review

Life Review: Interview with Kelly Lim!

Heya guys! Controller Companies is branching out to interview people who have become an overnight sensation for our new section in Life Review! For our

Life Review

Letters and Sounds

I have seen people arguing, fighting, not talking for years over something that had been said. Over words. Syllables in sounds. I used to take

Life Review

The Little Blue Ball

“I can’t recognize this world anymore,” says Alfred to Bruce Wayne and I don’t know why, I felt a little twist in my heart because

Life Review

Not Yet

I like to think highly of people. Not holding them to high expectation or any expectation at all. Those are two very different things. What

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