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Film Review

Godzilla vs. Kong Film Review (2021) – Epic Monster Fights

The Kings have confronted each other and now they have to decide who will be the One True Victor. And Godzilla vs Kong is exactly the film that is all about this simple premise. But will it deliver in all the expected glory? 

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Film Review

Mulan Film Review (2020) – The Worse Mulan

Ever since the classic cartoon from the 90s, many people have always wondered how it would like in a live-action medium. 20 years later, Disney presented us with its own version with Mulan, and with it comes various opinions about it.

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Film Review

Uncut Gems Film Review (2019) – Sandler Powerful Performance

Adam Sandler, the poster guy for many B-rated American comedies did something very unexpected in this film. For once, Uncut Gems reveals that he himself is truly a gem in disguise when it comes to playing something beyond what he’s famous for.

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