Wonder Woman (2017) VERSUS REVIEW!

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Wonder Woman is perhaps one of the most iconic female superheroes, if not the most, that has been popular for decades since her introduction in the comic book. Females superheroes movies have always seemed to fare badly compared to their male counterparts, and DC is taking great care in ensuring this movie a success. With this being the first superhero movie directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins has to handle all of the pressure and expectation that people expect from her. The same goes for Gal Gadot with the world watching whether this will be the first truly successful superhero movie.

So, today’s review will be different from the usual one with the introduction of Versus Review! This means that we will have two (or more) reviewers giving their opinions on a single film, and you could compare them with each category. Finally, we would love to hear your opinions on the discussed film as well in the comment section below!

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Diana Prince, an Amazoness princess and warrior from the Themyscira, encounters a spy from Britain, Steve, who undergoes a plane crash on the island. She begins to learn about the world war and decides to save mankind from any more casualties. Her belief in an evil god, Ares, who is a god that manipulates the human to make them evil, causes her to join the war in order to kill him. However, will she succeed? Or will her belief be crushed way before that?


Screenshot of Wonder Woman 2017 of her crossing her arms
The Wonder Begins!


Versus Review!



The pacing for the first and third act is excellent however the second act to me drags way too much and includes a lot of political stuff and the main characters trying to get to the action. Personally, I did not really care too much about the political side although I understand the director wanting to show a few “fish out of water” sequences for Diana. The first act, her origin story on Themiscyra???, was handled really well and the pacing was excellent. The third act is action heavy and once it started I was never bored even appreciating a few slower moments for some character development.

However, I must say that the script for this film is really excellent and I greatly appreciated how this film promotes feminism and equality. It does this not by overly bashing the male population as other films have done but rather it does this by showing us that woman are equal and are in no way inferior to man and hence they should not be treated or put in a submissive manner.


Man oh man I like how the film is different from a normal superhero film, especially those from DC. First of all, the film takes it slow and steady, exploring Wonder Woman’s past from the point where she was just a young girl. There is a certain nice build-up which does not rush or slow down any parts unnecessarily. In other words, the pacing is almost perfect. Story wise it’s pretty good but also a very common superhero movie type of narrative, so it’s pretty decent, but I like how they portray the war which really creates the dark atmosphere that is so contrasting with Wonder Woman’s homeland.

The film is one of the better examples of showing the real feminism, where men are not shown to be extremely weak and the female protagonist is not made to be invincible and flawless. In fact, the characters themselves each possess certain strengths and weakness that complement one another in the battlefield. This shows true equality where both genders need each other in this world.




Wonder Woman 2017 movie screenshot of her past friends and lover
The True Heroes?



Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are excellent as Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor respectively. Gal really nails down the initial innocence and wonder of a wonder woman who’s experiencing the world for the first time. She also has the charisma to pull off the headstrong and witty personality of Diana Prince. She also pulls off the action scenes well and has the physique believable of an Amazonian warrior.

However, it is actually Chris Pine who impressed me more as his comedic moments truly lightened the film and the more emotional scenes also evoked the necessary emotions within me. More than that, however, is the chemistry between the two leads which really made you care even more about both characters and the believable romance which blossomed between the two.

The only flaw is that the focus is really on the two leads and the rest of the characters did not get much focus or character development. Honorable mention of Robin Wright as Diana’s mentor though.


Characters are given developments in this movie, especially for Steve and his mates, and of course Wonder Woman herself. The acting is great, with Gal Gadot being able to express the naivety and also aggressiveness sides of Wonder Woman. This is especially so in the beginning, where the world war transforms the Wonder Woman’s mindset, and she has to accept the cruel reality. Gal Gadot seems to be born for this role, as her facial characteristic and acting skills are perfect for the role, or perhaps too perfect.

Chris Pine also acts his role very well, with his character being more comedic to balance out the seriousness of Wonder Woman. The two of them form a chemistry on screen that is rare in the superhero movies nowadays. Though, other characters are given less screen time and development as a result, which I think is unavoidable.


Action Scenes


The action scenes were very impressive using a combination of CGI and some fast slow mo effect? The best scenes were when the 2 techniques were combined with a real practical scene which is found in the most of the movie. The only exception was the final climactic action scene in which it felt like it was shot entirely on a green screen but it is acceptable as it’s hard to show off the power of wonder woman otherwise. I’m just saying that the earlier shots impressed me more.


The actions are great, though there is a heavy reliance on slow-mo which can be a tad too often. Also, there are some weird jump cuts, but overall, they are great and makes Wonder Woman awesome in her own ways. The last fight’s VFX quality is worse than the earlier portion of the films, as it seems fake and so obviously a cheap green screen effect. With that said, it has a certain rustic quality that brings us back to the Wonder Woman golden era back in the 80s, perhaps this is intentional?




The soundtrack was excellent especially the main wonder woman theme which was also heard in BVS. Nothing much else to be said, I do not really pay that much attention to a film’s score unfortunately so I shall not comment too in-depth.


The soundtracks are pretty great at building the mood, and also makes our heroine bad-ass! I love the main theme of the film and also the sound designs, especially when they tried to balance realism and exaggeration during the action sequences. It was not the best film soundtracks, but it is one of the better ones I have heard in a superhero movie.




I think this film has accomplished many extraordinary accomplishments for which it should be celebrated. First really good and successful female superhero solo movie. Also directed by a female director and of course just look at all the money it has raked in. You could say that it is the single shining film in the current DCEU. And it deserves the hype that it has gotten for that. However, I feel like it is a tad bit overhyped and I wish that I had not let myself get hyped for it before watching the film as I might have enjoyed it more. Is it a good film? Yes. Is it a great film? No, it is not quite there yet.


This film has perhaps almost single-handedly saved the DC Film Cinematic franchise ever since the bad reviews of their previous two films. I am surprised that it surpassed some of my expectations in some areas. Also, I would love to congratulate the Director and Gal Gadot for being able to deliver something phenomenal under such intense pressure. They knew if they f*ck this up, the future of female superheroes and female directors would be bleaker. It is a bit overhyped but overall, I think they deserved the hype. It is still not a perfect film, but one will only wonder how they would continue to polish it to become one of the best superhero movies ever!


Wonder Woman (2017) VERSUS REVIEW!
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What's good
The beginning and ending are excellent (OSCAR)
Great acting and great character moments between the two leads (OSCAR) (ANTHONY)
Mostly well shot and exciting action scenes (OSCAR) (ANTHONY)
Great build-up and perfect pacing (ANTHONY)
Great soundtracks (ANTHONY)
What's bad
Middler portion drags a bit (OSCAR)
Weird cuts in the editing and too much reliance on slow-mo scenes
Pretty Good!
One of the best DC movies!
Gal Gadot has helmed the role of Wonder Woman very well and it is impressive that DC starts to churn out the first female superhero-focus movie faster than DC at a pretty decent quality!






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An everyday guy who is the founder of Controller Companies. He started it when he was frustrated to find that the stuff he bought had no reviews available online. Thus, this website is created with the sole purpose of reviewing stuff that he has seen, bought, used or enjoyed! Now, he is probably doing another review while you are reading this.
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