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La La Land (2017) Mini Film Review

La La Land film review post image

La La Land is an American musical comedy film that features Ryas Gosling, Emma Stone and even John Legend as a supporting role. After it premieres, it immediately receives critical acclaim from the public and reviews. Also, it is directed by the famed musical director Damien Chazelle. With so many great talents in this film, is … Read moreLa La Land (2017) Mini Film Review

Tame Your Dragon

The words started to blur in my vision. The absence of caffeine in my bloodstream coupled with the flight delay… I was a ticking time bomb. I was bracing myself, waiting for the cranky bitch to emerge from my subconscious, turning me into an unpleasant lady monster. But it didn’t come. It never came. I … Read moreTame Your Dragon

The Killer (1989) Mini Film Review

Now, this is back to the classic Hong Kong action film during the Golden era of the industry. The Killer is a movie directed by the famous director John Woo, who specialises in lots of action sequences and over the top gunfights. With Chow Yun Fat as the role character, will this movie be yet … Read moreThe Killer (1989) Mini Film Review

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