Keep Calm and Keep Smiling Mug Review

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Mugs, mugs and more mugs! The Keep Calm series has grown incredibly popular in the past year. It can be found on almost anywhere, from shirts, jeans, books, mugs and maybe even food?? None can deny it’s a strong message to ‘keep calm’ and sure enough, this brand has taken over our lives in one swoop. … Read more Keep Calm and Keep Smiling Mug Review

Creative iRoar Go Review

iRoar Go Review post image

It’s portable; it’s small, and it sounds WIDE. In fact, Creative advertises it SUPER WIDE right on the packaging. Knowing that Creative has been a veteran in the audio technology business for decades, does it really ring true? Can the iRoar Go be your perfect everyday speaker on-the-go? Read the review to find out! For Video … Read more Creative iRoar Go Review

Bend it Like Beckham Film Review (2002) – British Football Drama

Bend it like becham movie review post image

Once in a while, you will come across a film that deals with stereotypes, Bend it Like Beckham is exactly one of these from the perspective of a British Indian girl. The overall plot seems like a simple story of a girl being trapped in the traditional mindset which prevents her from playing her favourite sport: Football. … Read more Bend it Like Beckham Film Review (2002) – British Football Drama

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