Captain Marvel Film Review (2019) – Strongest Superhero Debut

Captain Marvel Film Review (2019) – Strongest Superhero Debut

(This is Captain Marvel film review, which is a 2019 Marvel superhero movie that is also its first female superhero debut)

Captain Marvel is becoming something akin to Wonder Woman, where it becomes the first female superhero debut from the Marvel studio itself. It’s also a film that has been filled with much controversy and disdain due to this statement.

Together with the onset of MeToo movement and many female-focused events, this film has become the holy grail that aims to let the world knows the power of the female. Now, with it being directed by the couple Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, and starring Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson as the main characters, could this film become the next hit superhero in the Marvel lineup? Read on the Captain Marvel film review below to find out!



When Earth is caught between a conflict of two alien worlds, a young woman Danvers has to find her calling and brings out her power to save the world. But could she do it on time?

Captain Marvel film review main character

The half human half alien main character!


Captain Marvel Film Review


Plot wise, it is actually quite interesting and I won’t spoil anything for those that don’t know but there are several plot twists that do keep you guessing, maintaining tension for at least the first half of the movie with that… Plot point. During the climax of the movie, I will say that captain marvel is too overpowered for my liking BUT with reference to the plot, it does make sense. Pacing is pretty good too.



Character wise, I think brie larson does a fine job especially in the more humurous, snarky and sarcastic moments. However, I feel she doesn’t quite bring enough depth to the character though its more the script’s fault than hers really. Or maybe I’m expecting more depth because I’m familiar with the comics.

Captain Marvel film review Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L Jackson is de-aged but is still funny as hell!

There are some emotional moments here and there which worked for me but for the most part as is expected in a marvel film, the humor is on point. Everyone is actually really funny and I really liked what they did with Nick Fury, Samuel L Jackson has some hilarious character moments which if you remember some things from previous films, makes it all the more funnier.


Extra Thoughts

As the first female marvel superhero film, this film does have some feminist themes but what I personally found empowering and appreciative is that there are some scenes which will resonate with you regardless of gender, more of what it means to be human? And that in itself alludes to gender equality which is an important aspect of the feminist movement. There’s really a lot to point out in this film, I can’t do that here.


I think this movie somewhat achieved something that I think is important for superhero films to stand out and that is not coming off as a superhero film. In captain marvel’s case, it feels very much like a sci-fi movie, full of extraterrestrial life, government conspiracy theories and intriguing mysteries. I won’t say its one of the best marvel films but I certainly enjoyed it over the more recent Marvel films like Homecoming, Black Panther, Guardian of the Galaxy vol 2, and Antman and the Wasp.


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Captain Marvel Film Review (2019) – Strongest Superhero Debut
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What's good
Samuel L Jackson is hilarious as is the rest of the film but him especially
Brie Larson pulls off the snarky persona quite well
Feels like a sci-fi film
What's bad
Captain Marvel as a character does not feel that well developed, but it is more the script's fault rather than actress'
Sudden powerup towards the end of the film made captain marvel too OP
Pretty Good!
It's a great debut for a Marvel first female superhero movie!
With the talented casts' marvelous performance and also the film inducing itself as a sci-fi film, Captain Marvel is a pretty good enjoyable film to watch this year! Though she does get a bit too OP by the end.
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