Polar Night Short Film Review (2017) – Interracial Subtle Love

Polar Night Short Film Review (2017) – Interracial Subtle Love

(This is Polar Night short film review, which is a 2017 short film directed and starred actors of different races and nationalities)

Polar Night is a short film directed by Kiki Li and stars actors Isabel Potting and Haomu Zhang, who are from different ethnicities, in an intimate scene. The short film is released on Vimeo just a few days ago and it is found by me when I was browsing through some recent categories. With unknown actors and the shooting limited to one location, could Polar Night create something that transcends the language barrier with its narrative or film techniques? Read on the Polar Night short film review below to find out!



A young Chinese teenage boy and a Dominican teenage girl discussed their situation in their own languages and found that feelings can be transferred even with the language barrier.

Polar Night short film review interracial lovers

A saucy night~


Polar Night Short Film Review

The narrative is very simple, and it’s just about two lovers(?) who were talking about their past and culture. Weirdly, the two characters seem to only have just met one another on the same night, perhaps a one night stand. Next, the pacing is pretty slow throughout the movie, which is intentional, and it fits the narrative and atmosphere. Characters speak some of their native languages with appropriate accents and do not seem fake, and they are quite believable, except the part they were asking where each of them come from. Music is alright, and it matches the colours and mood of the short film, but sadly is marred by white noises. The concept of the story does seem unique, though it does not fully bring out the concept that the characters transcend the language barrier. It would be better if there are some more flashbacks based on the spoken incident. The decision not to include a subtitle is pretty divisive, as on one hand it causes us not to understand the entirety of the second half, and on the other hand, it does makes us listen through the tones and mood of the characters to roughly understand the story. Overall, I applaud the decision to not include the subtitle as it forces me to understand the other languages through other means.


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Polar Night Short Film Review (2017) – Interracial Subtle Love
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What's good
Great film concept
Love the colour pallete
Great pacing
Characters are relatable and believable
Not adding subtitles actually helps to convey the message that love overcomes language barrier
What's bad
Premise is not executed very well
Music soundtrack contains hiss that distracts some of the attention
Pretty Good!
A decent try to tell a story of love transcending language barrier!
Though it has its flaws, Polar Night tries to show the ideal world where love transcends languages and overall manages to convey it clearly to the audience!
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