Glass Film Review (2019) – Shyamalan Final Trilogy

Glass Film Review (2019) – Shyamalan Final Trilogy

(This is Glass film review, which is a 2019 Shyamalan film that is the final instalment in his first trilogy which comprised of Unbreakable and Split)

Imagine a trilogy that took 18 years to complete, as well being M. Night Shyamalan‘s first ever trilogy in his decades long career as a director. After the event that established the story world in the Unbreakable, which features Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson as superhero and supervillain, we are introduced to the third villain with a split personality in Split which is acted by James McAvoy. This time, the film’s title seems to suggest that Mr. Glass will be the one getting his highlight of the day, and many fans of the previous films have awaited this installment that should end everything in a nice twist touch up that is common in Shyamalan’s style. Without further ado, let’s delve on the Glass film review below!



Three weeks after the events in Split, David, the superhero from Unbreakable is now tagging along with his son to fight crime under the alias ‘The Overseer’. Meanwhile, Kevin from Split happened to meet with him and both of them got into a fight as the latter tries to save the kidnapped victims from the former. Soon, they are caught and sent to a mental institution, where Mr. Glass is held. However, things seem to be part of a plan of someone or fate, as the three personas with superpower meet in the same place, what could happen next?

Glass film review the three people with superpowers meet

What happens when a supervillain, a superhero and a split-personality guy meet up together?


Glass Film Review

Man oh man, this film has gotten a lot of hype since the release of Split which secretly becomes a stealth sequel that nobody expected. Honestly, I enter the cinema with lots of hope as I was pretty impressed with both the Unbreakable and Split’s qualities as great superhero/supervillain films that are so unlike the current DC and Marvel types. The truth is…the story itself is, well, I can only say I am disappointed. The story feels more like an epilogue, with no real story progression from the beginning till the end. However, the first half of the film is actually pretty good, though it can be a bit slow paced. It tries to maintain some momentum and suspense as we see the three characters meet with one another.

Then, somehow, the story takes its time exploring the perspectives of each individual character living their lives in the mental hospital. And things just become boring, and worse of all, the ending itself does not create justice for the final of the trilogy. It has not much impact, and the momentum is lost in the second half when random previous film’s characters just appear and the climax is more like a pre-climax that never really got off its feet. All in all, pretty disappointing at the ending, especially after watching its predecessors creating better endings than most other movies. Pacing wise, it’s really slow, like terribly slow as we approached the middle section. I don’t know, it just feels like Shyamalan takes its time playing with some ideas but lacking a general direction on how it’s gonna end. He can’t seem to decide how to end a trilogy that took him 18 years in the making. What I hate is he puts in some clues midway into the film that seems to point to an epic climax in an epic location, but then he drops them all as the ending approaches…

For the characters, these are perhaps the saving grace of the film, that actually makes me watch till the end. The performance of the three characters by Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and James McAvoy are good. What’s more, I feel that James actually put in the most effort as there are plenty of scenes where he has to change personalities mid-way while talking. He is the reason I watch this film at all, and I still feel that his acting skill is incredible! As for Bruce and Samuel, both of them retain the aura and charisma of their characters in Unbreakable, though acting wise, both are not doing as much as James.

As for the other three supposedly ‘minor’ characters such as the son of David, Mr. Glass’s mum and the ex- kidnapped victim of Kevin, these just pop out randomly and do not actually do much at all except to show their faces. I don’t even feel they are needed for this film at all seeing that their actions do not serve any meaningful impact to both drive the story and to make it interesting, except for linking their existences to past films. As for the antagonist, well, she is a disappointment as well, and truly forgettable. Soundtrack wise, it’s pretty decent with appropriate soundtrack though most are rehashed from the past two films. To be fair, most of the rehashed ones are actually the good ones.

ps. I still don’t really understand why name the movie after Mr. Glass, when he has probably the least lines spoken in the entire movie. But after seeing the film, I guess it kinds of make sense when the ending happens because of him. Oh well,


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Glass Film Review (2019) – Shyamalan Final Trilogy
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What's good
James McAvoy's incredible performance with multiple personalities
Bruce and Samuel's acting and charisma are still there
Rehashed soundtracks from the past two films make them memorable
What's bad
Slow pacing
Almost no real story progression
Climax that is so anti-climatic
One of the worst endings ever for a trilogy
Minor characters do not drive the story at all
Very weak antagonist that is utterly unmemorable
It's Okay...
Probably the worst ending in Shyamalan's films
With the successes and cult followings of the previous two films, this final installment actually serves as a death blow to the trilogy. I am really sad to see such potential get wasted with one of the worst endings to be seen from a trilogy.
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