Inglourious Basterds Film Review (2009) – Tarantino Historical Action

Inglourious Basterds Film Review (2009) – Tarantino Historical Action

(This is Inglourious Basterds film review, which is a 2009 alternate historical action directed by Tarantino that features events during the World War 2)

Inglourious Basterds is a Quentin Tarantino film that stars plenty of A-list actors such as Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, and Michael Fassbender. It is not a remake of 1978 The Inglorious Bastards, as this is a film that tells an alternate history of the plot to bring down Nazi Germany. Without further ado, let’s check out the Inglourious Basterds film review below to see if it’s still enjoyable today.


SS Colonel Hans Landa, nicknamed ‘The Jew Hunter’ is on his normal mission to capture hiding Jews in French. However, he let one escape, who eventually become a cinema owner in Paris. Meanwhile, the American Service Force is infiltrating France in order to execute Operation Kino that is meant to end the war by killing Hitler and all the top brass. Could they do it successfully?

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The 2 Opposing Forces meet in this alternate history!


Inglourious Basterds Film Review

Man, the premise is actually pretty normal and is not the main highlight of the story. There is only so much story to tell from Nazi Germany themed film after all. However, I like Tarantino’s version as he provided many perspectives over the duration of the film, and they all lead to one final outcome. There are some parts that are unexpected but mostly it can be a bit too predictable. Pacing wise, it’s just excellent for the reason I’m going to explain later. I must say I am totally engrossed with the film and does not feel like 2.5 hours have passed after it ends. The quiet scenes are aplenty yet they carry certain rising tension that absorbs you into the tense atmosphere.

Now, the main highlight and the star of the film is the cast. It is entirely thanks to the brilliant acting of all these actors that make this film so unique. Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz, and Michael Fassbender get special mention for playing their roles tremendously well, especially Waltz. Waltz performance as Hans make the normally quiet scenes filled with no soundtrack and only talking so full of emotion and tension. His acting gives you a sense of dread, a bit like the Joker in Batman. There are many other scenes spoken in French and German that goes on for 5 -6 mins non-stop, and only filled with dialogues, but you can feel they are genuine. Each tone, accent, and behaviour give many of the characters, even the minor ones, some sort of depth and personality that makes them memorable. Finally, the soundtrack is a mix of European 1930s music with some classicals that is Tarantino’s style. Though there are not many soundtracks in this film, where they play it serves as a subtle impact that makes the scenes that much greater.


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Inglourious Basterds Film Review (2009) – Tarantino Historical Action
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What's good
Most of the actor's exceptional performances for their roles
Christoph Waltz is the true star of the show
Greatly paced with gradual introduction of characters
Soundtracks that are memorable
Most of the scenes do not have soundtrack that allows us to focus solely on the acting
What's bad
Premise can be a bit weird due to alternate history setting
One of the best movies of the centuries!
Quentin Tarantino has always managed to produce hits that resonate and engross the audience with his high-quality productions. This time, he found the perfect cast for his films that make this a truly exceptional watching experience that I have rarely felt in other movies.
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