Hot Fuzz Film Review (2007) – British Action Comedy

Hot Fuzz Film Review (2007) – British Action Comedy

(This is Hot Fuzz film review, which is a 2007 British action comedy film that is a kind of sequel to Shaun of the Dead)

Hot Fuzz is the second film directed by Edgar Wright and featuring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in the Cornetto Trilogy comedy. This time, the setting is based on a village in Britain and with Pegg and Frost doing different roles entirely. With the success of Shaun of the Dead, how does this film fare in terms of its comedy in 2018’s perspective? Read on the Hot Fuzz film review below to find out!



An exceptional sergeant is sent off to a village unwillingly for doing his job too well and incurring jealousy from his mates. Upon reaching the village, weird accidents start to appear and he feels that a greater threat is looming by. Could he manage to solve the cases safely with his new police partners?

Hot Fuzz film review Pegg and Frost as policemen

The comedic duo portraying as policemen in the countryside solving weird cases!


Hot Fuzz Film Review

The premise this time is better than Shaun of the Dead in that we have an overall clear storyline. However, this does make it more predictable as this film is never afraid of showing cliché scenes. With that said, the sense of mystery help to drive the film along. Pacing wise is fast and slick, and is the signature style of Wright’s directing. Things move fast with quick cuts that might seem to be overused a bit in the latter half of the film. Overall, though, is great as the film does not feel like a 2-hour film at all due to the drastic intense pacing nearing the climax and the end.

The characters are more varied this time with certain personalities more imposing than Shaun of the Dead. I like Pegg’s character which is truly obvious but he plays his role as a stern law abiding sergeant well, who then transforms into something totally badass by the end. Frost’s character, though, is weaker than Pegg and is probably one of the weakest in terms of personality in the film. He is supposed to be the comedy relief but seems to fail in this department. The antagonists and the normal villagers are also interesting and filled with characteristics that make them special. Lastly, the soundtrack is fast, yet suitable for the comedic scenes as well. One thing I must say is this film becomes more action-packed than comedy upon reaching the mid-point of the film, which I feel is a pity. That’s not to say the action scenes are not well done, it’s just that I prefer the comedic duo to retain their style of comedy more ala Shaun of the Dead.


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Hot Fuzz Film Review (2007) – British Action Comedy
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What's good
Pegg's acting as the stubborn policeman
Super fast cut Edgar Wright's style
Greatly paced to make the 2-hour length seems shorter than it is
Interesting villains
The end transformation for Pegg's character is badass!
What's bad
Frost's acting as a comedic side relief is a bit disappointing
Can be a bit too much action and less focus on comedy
Pretty Good!
The sequel is more fast paced at the expense of comedy.
It's a kind of trade-off that still works in its favour even as the comedy side is brought down due to the focus on the action. However, Pegg's performance and the myriad of antagonists help to make this an enjoyable watching experience. Wright's fast cut edit helps to fasten the pace as well.
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