The Unchangeables

The Unchangeables


There are things in this world you cannot change no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do. Things you can’t make faster or slower. Things you just have to allow to take its course. Things that if you keep forcing or dwelling, will cause you nothing but anxiety and annoyance.

Things like pimples, peeling embroidered pair of brows, that one tiny little stupid stain in your pearl white shirt. Red lipstick fading from the centre of your lips (and you forget to bring your lipstick along with you). People’s personality, attitude, and opinions.

I suppose you can change people’s opinions but not always. Some form opinions based on strongly held belief and very often, they can’t be swayed or persuaded otherwise.

I call them the unchangeables. These… things.

Sometimes, you have to realise that it is futile to attempt alteration on the unchangeables. After all, they are… unchangeable.

One of the many secrets to constant happiness? When you happen to encounter an unchangeable, let it go. It’s simply not worth it. It’s called UNchangeable for a reason and the faster you understand it, the faster you attain that little piece of happiness.

Focus on the big picture. On the things you can actually change.

A step closer to a peaceful mind.


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