Shaun of the Dead Film Review (2004) – British Zombie Classic

Shaun of the Dead Film Review (2004) – British Zombie Classic

(This is the Shaun of the Dead film review, which is a 2004 British zombie themed comedy that is part of the trilogy from Pegg and Frost)

This is a British zombie-themed comedy that stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, as well as directed by Edgar Wright. It is the first of the trilogy for Wright and Pegg’s Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy. With zombies becoming the mainstream genre in the 2000s, how does this film stand up to the rest of them and if it still retains its charm after 14 years? Read on the Shaun of the Dead film review below to find out!



Shaun is a failing shop salesman with uneventful life which turns for the worse when zombies start appearing in London. Together with his housemate, Ed, they aim to retrieve Shaun’s parents and ex-gf to hid in the bar Winchester. Could they manage to survive through this apocalypse?

Shaun of the Dead film review Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

The two British comedic duo on a survival journey from the zombies!


Shaun of the Dead Film Review

Man oh man, the premise is entirely non-sensical and is so British in execution. In fact, this film looks like a slice-of-life of a British person in London at that time. It’s a brilliant way of combining an ordinary life with apocalypse with some wicked comedy. I am really impressed that I could still laugh at some of the jokes and comedic scenes here, which are quite different from the American style. Pacing wise it’s also well done due to the fast Wright’s kinetic directing style that always manages to hold my attention. Together with expertly placed quiet, comedic, touching and nonsensical scenes, the film flows smoothly without any slowdown that could bore you out.

The characters themselves are pretty unique, and yet also purposefully very stereotypical. Shaun is just like any ordinary man whose life is only concerning work and drinks at the bars with his equally failing housemate who plays games all day. The same goes for the other characters who are just normal people dealing with zombie apocalypse. I think the Britishness of their characters made them stand out in the way they deal with problems, which is less prone to violence compared to the Americans. Overall, I just love many of the guest appearances of other comedians as well as the performance of Simon Pegg with Nick Frost. Lastly, there are several soundtracks played at appropriately funny times which help to make the scenes more memorable, and also they just make things so much funnier without it! This film still rocks even after all these years, and could already be considered a classic.


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Shaun of the Dead Film Review (2004) – British Zombie Classic
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What's good
Genuine British comedy with zombies
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost hilarious performances
Great pacing
Memorable expertly placed soundtrack
Great range of characters with funny stereotypes
What's bad
Not for those that can't enjoy British humour
British zombie film that is actually entertaining!
This is the film that marries the traits of British humour with mainstream zombie premise and the fusion is one of the best that exceeds my expectation of it!
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