The Butterfly Effect Film Review (2004) – Time Travel Mystery

The Butterfly Effect Film Review (2004) – Time Travel Mystery

(This is The Butterfly Effect film review, which is a 2004 supernatural time-traveling drama that features Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart)

This film is released way back in 2004 and features Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart, with the former getting more fame as the year went on. It is directed by Eric Bress and J Mackye Gruber, who has also done the Final Destination series. Without further ado, let’s explore the film once again from the mindset of 2018 to see if the film is able to age well and still be entertaining even today in The Butterfly Effect film review below!



Evan has always experience black out sessions when he was young and as he got involved in some incidences that cause traumas, he begins to write them all down in a journal. 13 years later, he accidentally rereads one of the journals and is transported back in time. He finds that his actions will create new consequences that affect the future and his friends’ as well. How would he deal with this while aiming to give the best future for everyone else?

The Butterfly Effect film review Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher as a guy who can time travel by reading journals!


The Butterfly Effect Film Review

First thing first, the title is actually a bit misleading as the premise is nowhere close to The Butterfly Effect theory. It looks just like a normal time travel that is mixed with alternate realities. It’s kind of sci-fi yet it is more psychological in nature. In a way, the premise is still interesting in slowly revealing the consequences of the time travel. Some parts are cliche but mostly they are handled well and still feel fresh to me, compared to other films of similar genre. Pacing wise, the film puts in lots of mysteries at the beginning which keeps me interested until the end. It’s a good of way of arousing curiosity as we try to find out what happens during the blackout sessions, though by mid-film, it’s pretty easy to predict the rest of the story. What I also like is the way the same characters are introduced many times in different scenarios leading to completely different personalities.

Characters wise its pretty interesting, as the film reuses many of the same characters and yet give them all different futures in alternate timelines, which lead to many unique personalities and relationships status to the main character. Due to the time travel, the same character will be totally different in terms of appearances for some and behaviors for others, which I really like. The main character is portrayed well by Ashton who acts according to his character, though some of the dramatic scenes are a bit overdramatised by him. Others are not bad as well especially Amy Smart’s character which goes through the most changes in appearance and personality. Her brother Tommy’s performance is the most memorable and the kid does it well too. Impressive. VFX wise its a bit of the old style of transition but is still pretty cool and considered impressive for its time and budget, and also fits the film somehow. The jumping of words and backgrounds jumping in and out still amaze me. Finally, music wise is just okay and not terribly great yet not very bad. Just so-so I feel.


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The Butterfly Effect Film Review (2004) – Time Travel Mystery
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What's Good
Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart's brilliant acting
Pretty Cool CGI for its time
Story retains mystery till the end
Great pacing
What's Bad
The latter half portion of the premise becomes predictable
Non-memorable soundtracks
Though it's a misleading title, it still is a great supernatural thriller!
The Butterfly Effect fails to demonstrate how the theory works and instead uses conventional time travel mixed with alternate realities. However, thanks to the great performances of the actors and interesting premise, it is still a good watching experience.
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