American Psycho Film Review (2000) – Bale Psychotic Acting

American Psycho Film Review (2000) – Bale Psychotic Acting

(This is the American Psycho  film review, which is a 2000 Canadian-American satirical movie that stars Christian Bale)

This is a film that is based on the novel of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis and is directed by Mary Harron. It stars the famous Christian Bale as well as others such as Reese WitherspoonJared Leto, and Willem Dafoe. With this movie being released exactly 18 years ago, we are here to take a look at how much it has aged, and whether if it’s still entertaining in today’s standard. Also, we wanna see how much Bale has changed over these 18 years in his acting. Read on the American Psycho film review below to find out about our findings!



Patrick Bateman is someone who lives a high-rolling life among the wealthiest but actually hates most of them. He has a weird attitude towards life but he also has a tendency to keep appearances. Slowly as the story unfolds, his rage and mental health start to take a turn as his desire to inflict pain upon others increases. One day, he commits a murder, and everything begins to spiral down. Could he save himself from being caught by both the police and his conscience before his mind shatters?

American Psycho film review Christian Bale

Christian Bale’s alter ego as a psychopathic murderer!


American Psycho Film Review

Man the premise itself is pretty weird yet a bit original as well. I like how the story starts off normal enough and then becomes something akin to black comedy that is satirical in nature. Patrick’s narration over parts of the film makes this film stand out a bit in making us understand the main character’s personality head on. As for the biggest events that happen after the murder, it can be summed up as slightly comedic, yet psychotic as well for me. All in all, this is a weird fck. The pacing is pretty well done, with scenes alternating between gore, comedic and sexual. In fact, this film handles most of these scenes skillfully and making sure none of them are shown in excess or too little. Christian Bale’s performance, as well as his narration, helps to bring the story forward or at least reveals important monologues that catches our attention in quieter scenes.

The characters themselves are quite weak, all except the main character and perhaps the prostitutes. Others are just too one dimensional or do not appear as much in the film to warrant their growth. There are not even any side stories for the minor characters. Bale’s performance as Bateman is fantastic, his expressions, gestures and body languages just fit the character perfectly. Something about him makes his character just stands out among the crowds, even though his character tries to fit in with others of his status. It’s kind of an irony really, but a great one. I just could not praise Bale enough for his marvelous contribution to this film, which is safe enough to say the film is a success solely because of him. The soundtrack is pretty memorable as they are mostly songs from 1980s or 1990s hits that are played in inappropriate situations such as during murders or sex with prostitutes. All of these just make you remember the songs better than you expect when you mix it with such stimulating scenes.


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American Psycho Film Review (2000) – Bale Psychotic Acting
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What's good
Christian Bale's terrific performance as a psychopath murderer
The weirdly refreshing storyline that is satirical and filled with black comedy
Greatly paced with nice mixtures of stimulating scenes
A weird ending that is perhaps the greatest part of the film
What's bad
Other characters are very one dimensional and has no growth in characters
Can be a bit too weird for the ending
Bale is the True Psychopath
American Psycho is a film that is a master of its own made genre that combines black comedy with some weird premise. Furthermore, Christian Bale's performance itself marks this film as a masterpiece in its own right!
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